Detailed Engineering

ERPEK Engineering provides services in design and detailed engineering, preliminary engineering support, procurement support, and as-built engineering.

The combination of cutting-edge technology and standards is employed to support more effective and reliable facility designs. Recognizing the significance of process simulation, ERPEK Engineering consistently enhances its expertise in various simulations/tools.

The documentation of detailed engineering design services offered by ERPEK Engineering upon client request can be summarized as follows:

  • Design basis 
  • Mass and energy balances in computer simulations 
  • Custom simulation model for client use
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Process control diagrams 
  • Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID) 
  • Infrastructure P&IDs 
  • Heat exchanger design and assessment 
  • Insulation calculations 
  • Equipment material selection 
  • Hydraulic pump calculations 
  • Capital cost calculations
  • Operating cost calculations 
  • Equipment layout drawings 
  • Infrastructure flow diagrams 
  • Equipment list